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In the last 6 months, dr. Gho has been using a false advertising on the front page of his website. Info here:

So, 2 days ago, I wrote the dutch Reclame Code Commisie to bring this false advertisement to their attention.

Main RCC address:
info AT reclamecode DOT nl

Joan Lorang (speaks english):
Joan.Lorang AT reclamecode DOT nl

sadly, it seems that they are more interested on obtaining my personal information and giving it to Gho, rather than fighting fraud.
Details follow...
Dear HairSite readers,

We have noted the accusation that the “before” and “after” photos of Gerard Joling (GJ) on our website were in fact “after” and “before” photos – in other words with hair before treatment and without hair after treatment. This is actually true; however…

9 November 2009
GJ received his first treatment at our clinic in Maastricht (Netherlands): 1500 grafts were transplanted to the hairline and front. During that treatment, photos were taken.

However, as agreed with GJ and his management, these were not to be used by HSI for publicity purposes.

So our website shows only two photos before treatment of an unshaven GJ: see the bottom news item in NEWS/FILE: GERARD JOLING.

However, in all the PDFs and videos made by third parties it can be clearly seen what GJ looked like: shaven. And that is also how he looked immediately before and after the second treatment in July 2011.

11 July 2011
GJ received his second treatment. This time for his crown which had since also thinned due to natural hair loss. Again, photos were taken: both with hair before the treatment and shaven during and after the treatment. These photos we were allowed to use in our communication.

The photo with hair is therefore in fact an “after” photo of the result over a year and a half after his initial treatment!

The photo of the shaven GJ was therefore indeed taken during the second treatment, but:
“before” photos of GJ before his initial treatment looked exactly the same, but, as agreed, we were not allowed to use them.

The crux
So what we showed is a photo of GJ with a shaved head. Whether that photo was taken in 2009 or in 2011 effectively makes no difference: the shaven GJ of 2009 looks exactly like the shaven GJ of 2011. But the photo with hair definitely is a photo after treatment!

We can imagine that the use of the two images may have caused some misunderstandings. However, before rushing to accuse someone of fraud, it is wise to first ask that party for their version of events. Even if you want to remain anonymous, we will be pleased to answer your questions – questions like this in particular!

Finally: Gerard Joling is a pop artist and performer who is famous in the Netherlands. He would never allow himself to be used for the kind of con-trick suggested. If he did, he would cause himself irreparable damage. That fact alone should have provided a clue that perhaps something else was going on.

Yours sincerely,
Management and Team of Hair Science Institute
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