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Oud 20 februari 2019, 03:42   #1
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MapleStory M's popularity spreads farther and further

You can get your haircut in town by talking to the specific vendory, but I'll tell you a far faster method of doing so. Harness the three bars icon on the top right-hand corner of the screen to open your options menu. Then, Pick the Shop icon and select Cash Shop. Scroll down the menu and you'll see Hair and Face options, just below . There is where you have to go to change your hairdo. You may also, of course, alter your face there too.

But that's really Maplestory M Meso! There doesn't appear to be a free way of doing so. We'll make certain to update this post if and once we find the response to this component of the question.Whenever you are ready to change your hairstyle up, you are likely to have to shell out some crystals. All these are, of course, the in-game money that will require that you commit a portion of your real world cash into.

That's it! That's how you change your character's hair in MapleStory M once you've chosen it when you made them. Need any more help with the match? Let us know your question in the comments below under. Rather check the answer on your own? Utilize our search bar at the upper part of the website for further help!

MapleStory M is everyone's opportunity to finally get in on the cherished MMORPG. No more excuses! It is available on everyone's phone now! Here is how you can join a guild, in addition to create yourself!

First of all, it is important that we note that you won't actually be able to join a guild (let alone make one) before you get to level 30. Once you do, though, you'll see the option open in your menu options. To get this, tap the three pubs on the top right-hand corner of the screen. The icon near your bag option.

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