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There's typically a couple of mmogdp

There's typically a couple of secondary quests for every level, but after some time, they won't even be enough to maplestory2 mesos keep you at a suitable level. That is where all the in-between stuff comes in. All throughout Early Greece are enemy strongholds. Some of these are large Spartan, Athenian, or bandit bases, while others are single buildings or even ecological landmarks. You do not have to walk far to find chances to earn chunks of experience points. Fortresses are marked on the map having a red emblem, while Leaders (strong enemy houses) are marked with a blue emblem.

Often times you will stumble on enemy locations not previously marked on your map. You'll understand this when Alexios or Kassandra opinions that they should be silent there. It is possible to press L3 (down on the left thumbstick) to show location objectives. Occasionally objects include killing an enemy captain and/or polemarch, together with looting treasure chests or picking up crucial items and trimming war provides. Other times it's just looting chests. It depends on the location. Smaller places with no or less enemies cause fewer experience points, however they're still worth clearing out. It's simple to pin down 1,000 or more experience points for only a few minutes work.

We discussed this in our MMOGDP newcomer's guide but it's also worth mentioning here: Do not forget that if you're having trouble finding new locations, switching to Ikaros (your eagle) is a good way to zero in on buildings, enemies, treasure, and other things of interest. Send Ikaros into the sky by pressing up on the d-pad. You will want to activate stationary mode with L2/LT. From that point you can swivel the camera and Ikaros will catch anything of interest that you hover over.

One of the biggest sources of experience points comes from conquest battles, the brand new full-scale battlefield struggles that visit you slashing via a sizable set of Athenian or Spartan soldiers along with CPU allies. A couple of mainline assignments are conquest battles, but most of them are discretionary, triggered by your attention to detail if clearing out enemy bases and completing side missions. This frequently leads to decreasing an enemy's grip on a region and once the meter moves down to vulnerable, two conquest battles will be accessible (they are indicated on your map).

One of those icons represents your mmogdp defense, while the other suggests your offense. Even though a bit harder, you need to always choose to attack, since it nets you more experience points. From the early going, you can make about two of the experience points you want a standard mission. As you get later in the game, conquest battle rewards are massive, at the mid-30,000s. You should remain mindful of lowering the conquest meter. When it's halfway depleted but your next story mission is in a different area, it's smart to stick around and chip away in the meter before moving on.
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