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Oud 19 oktober 2003, 14:44   #1
pindakaas the 2nd.
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Post hoe, wat & waarom..

The first stage in understanding hairloss and fine hair problems is to understand how hair grows.

Hair thickness is a combination of hair diameter and hair density, you can have fine hair but lots of it or thick coarse hair which is relatively thin, most of us are somewhere between the two. Hair is made up of three layers, the cuticle, cortex and medulla. The cuticle is made up of overlaid scales of keratin and the smoother the scales the more it shines. The cortex is the body and strength of the hair shaft, its interlocking fibres lay under the cuticle and are were perms and permanent colours do their work. The innermost layer (medulla) is not present in the finest of hair, for example Scandinavian blonde hair.

Hair grows in three phases Anogen, Catogen and telogen, ... growing, shedding and resting phases to you and me. The longer the growing phase, the longer your hair will grow. Hair grows 1.5 cms a month end of story!... Nobody's hair grows much faster or slower. But some hair stays in the growing phase much longer and grows to be gorgeous, long sleek hair past the waist whilst others can barely grow it past their ears, this is due to a short life cycle of the follicle. This is why men in advanced stages of hairloss have a short cropped appearance on top i.e. Bob Hoskins/ Phil Collins, its not that their hair on top is not growing it is just that their follicles have been starved of bloodflow and therefor nutrients, and have undergone miniaturisation to poor quality weak hair with a very short life span which shed after a month or two, instead of a healthy hairs two to six years life expectancy.

HAIR IS DEAD! That is a fact, any products which act on the hair are purely cosmetic, it is the roots (follicles) of hair and the scalp tissue we are mainly concerned with. Most parts of our bodies need a good blood supply to remain healthy and hair follicles are no different. Scientists at Nioxin discovered that a substance called dyhydrotestosterone (DHT) adversely affected the blood supply and clogged the follicles of the hair causing the gradual miniaturisation of the follicle and hair shaft. It does this by restricting the flow of blood, interrupting the nutrient pathway to the developing hair root.

DHT is the number one cause of premature hairloss and thinning fine hair. By removing DHT from the scalp skin on a daily basis hair density will improve,hair grows not only thicker but faster. Normal shampoos are unable to remove DHT. In fact most shampoos leave residues that clog the scalp still worse.... especially two in one shampoos that leave behind silicones to give a FALSE impression of conditioning hair, as well as some being skin irritants.

Some drug preparations for hairloss work by extending the growth cycle of the remaining hair, so hair grows longer while you continue to loose it, hardly ideal! But what is the direct relevance of all this?..... Well, whether you are male or female, old or young, loosing your hair or just have fine hair that wont grow longer, getting rid of DHT from the scalp skin will lengthen the life cycle of your hair by providing the optimum growth environment for healthy hair growth. Thus making it grow longer and thicker and ensuring that at any one time you have more hair in the growing cycle at any one time.

Hairloss in men can start as young as 17 -25, this is a time when mens bodies are maturing and are full of testosterone. The next group tends to be 35 -45, this again is a time when a mans hormonal levels increase, many men start to see more neck ear nose and body hair and less hair on their heads! It is a fact that the more body hair you have the more the chance of going bald. It is ironic that the same hormones that cause scalp hairloss act to increase the amount of body hair.As men get into their 50's the testosterone levels drop and hair loss is greatly reduced. Age then becomes a main factor as a man approaches his 60's with hair becoming finer in texture rather than being lost.So, the more hair you can keep into your 50's the better the chances of keeping your hair.

Women can experience hairloss at the menopause, indeed some women go on to experience male pattern style thinning on the top, this is due to a decrease in female hormones and an excess of male hormones and DHT. Nioxin is particularly effective at combating this type of hairloss in women. I you feel you are entering the menopause, by starting to use Bionutrient cleanser 1c twice a week you can start to protect yourself against this type of hairloss.

Hair loss is a genetic problem, and the genetic disposition in some men to excessive DHT production is so strong that nothing at present will counteract the inevitable hairloss (but it can still be significantly slowed down using the correct products). But for people who have gradual hairloss, male pattern thinning hair, hormone imbalances,pregnancy related hair problems, menopausal, and in some cases chemotherapy, Nioxin can provide a lasting solution.

To sum up... anything that increases the blood flow to the scalp skin and removes DHT is good for the fight against hairloss. Nioxin Bionutrient treatment, Bionutrient cleanser, Scalp therapy, Cytogen and NX 3 are particularly effective at removing and inhibiting DHT on the scalp skin and increasing micro circulation. A meticulously cleansed scalp environment with improved microcirculation to feed the roots, WILL grow healthier, thicker hair.






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