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Mokoko Seed Eight - The Landing Point

Following a fast roller-coaster style cut scene, you'll get put on a wooden board. The eighth mokoko seed of the Grayhammer Mine dungeon is at the rear of the platform. It's to the right of the torch, by a rock.

Go northeast in another cave and take on the next mob of Brigands. In the northernmost part of the cave, you'll discover the 9th seeds. It's located near the bottom of a large, red-cloth-covered structure at the edge of the cliff.

Turn southeast for Lost Ark Gold another cavern before there is the inevitable brigand clash. In the north corner of the cavern is two barrels, as well as one prisoner who is in a cage. The barrels must be destroyed to uncover the 10th seed, which is now in plain sight.

Eliminate the obstruction blocking your way towards the northeast. Continue moving, keeping to the right side of the path. You'll come across the 11th mokoko just a few steps further near the left side of an old crate. It's also past an unfinished wooden structure.

Make your way to the last buy Lost Ark Gold cavern and eliminate The blood mage. Once dispatched, head towards the northeast corner the cavern, where you'll find an open wooden gate. The final mokoko seeds of Grayhammer Mine is hidden just behind the gate that's open.
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